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Nutritional Programs

At ASH Chiropractic and Wellness, our team will help you to optimize your overall health, through exercise programs for rehabilitation, strength, flexibility and balance, as well, will help to educate our clients and increase their knowledge on nutrition.

Nutritional information in combination to exercise can include:

  • Weight loss with nutrition knowledge and personalized exercise programs
  • Increasing overall health
  • Strengthening programs based to increase flexibility or the needs of the client
  • Falls prevention programs
  • Obtaining rehabilitation goals through collaboration with the other healthcare professionals
  • Diet and exercise programs for older adults focused on prevention and management of specific conditions, ie. Osteoporosis
  • General nutritional counselling to increase overall knowledge
  • Home exercise programs
  • Pre and Post pregnancy nutritional programs

Throughout any exercise or diet program, motivation and encouragement will be provided to help the client gain the confidence in order to maintain the lifestyle long-term.